Extensive material conversion capabilities

Our modern, well-equipped production facility in Telford has extensive capability to cut, form, seal and laminate to meet even the most demanding applications in volume, and on time.

Block splitting and log cutting

Available for a range of foam materials, block splitting and log cutting convert foam into your desired shape and thickness with a high level of accuracy.

Water–jet cutting

Precision cutting without thermal influences or contamination. Achieve consistent results and produce highly intricate details.

Die–cutting and kiss–cutting

Our die-cutting and kiss-cutting technology ensures precise size and form for swift and simple product application.


CNC routing vastly increases efficiency, improves quality, and reduces wastage in creating bespoke foam products.

Spray Coating

Fully customise the benefits of your products with our foam spraying capabilities. Such as PU coating for waterproofing.


We achieve a dual-function surface by applying foil or other specialist coatings to our foam, individually tailoring products to specific requirements.