Multi-industry, comprehensive foam solutions

From automotive to water treatment, our acoustic and sealing products serve a diverse range of industries. We have particularly extensive expertise in the following markets:

Automotive & off-highway

Automotive noise reduction, filtration, sealing and isolating. Effective thermal and acoustic solutions to increase comfort, durability and performance.


Enhance passenger experience without compromising practicality. Our materials meet crucial requirements for industry safety.


HVAC acoustic solutions and effective thermal management. Improve energy efficiency, air circulation and reduce toxins.

Packaging foam

Custom protection and packaging solutions for high-value and delicate products, large and small. Visually appealing packaging in an extensive range of materials and colours.


Technical foam, plastic and rubber solutions for the defence sector. Our products enhance the performance of industry equipment and vehicles.

Water Treatment

Water filtration foams and technology created for industrial water treatment as well as smaller water filtration products.